Walz Family Pastures

Your source for pasture-raised chicken, eggs, beef & pork in central Minnesota.

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We are a family farm in St. Cloud, Minnesota. We are passionate about providing the best possible meats & eggs to our customers. We use sustainable farming practices, like rotationally grazing our cattle, pigs, and chickens on our 40 acres of organic green pastures. We have been in business since 1996 and we enjoy the good relationships we've made with our customers throughout the years.

We move the chickens every morning - rain or shine. The laying hens, cattle, and pigs are moved every few days onto fresh pasture.


Our chickens get moved to new grass every morning which keeps them clean and healthy.

Every June through August, we sell fresh processed chickens on the farm on scheduled days. Customers come out and buy chicken directly on our family farm. Frozen chickens are available year-round.


We sell farm fresh brown eggs from heritage breed chickens. They're rich in Omega-3 because the chickens are raised on the pasture and moved every few days to new grass.


Our Angus beef cattle are rotationally grass-fed on our green pastures. The cattle are moved to new grass every few days.


Our pigs are also raised on the pasture and are moved every few days.